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Re: [RC] biothane headstalls and tack - Mary Ann Spencer

I have been using biothane for over 15 yrs, maybe 20+ but who counts when one is facing the big 60?  Anyway, I am still using what I bought all those yrs ago.  It is easy to clean and the only problems I have had is some stitching coming looose or some hardware breaking. Another issue is finding a repair place.  BUT it wears like iron and has NEVER bothered any of the horses I have put it on.  Some Arabs with really small heads can be tricky to fit.  I only use leather for shows.  But have used biothane for local open show.  I have found the web halters to rub, especially after being used and getting alittle dirt on it.  I am using Parelli rope halters exclusively now and never leave halters on my horses when turned out or in a stall.  IMHO
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Sent: Wednesday, July 19, 2006 5:36 PM
Subject: [RC] biothane headstalls and tack

This may be a silly question, but I wonder - those of you using biothane
headstalls and tack  - do you think the stiffness of the material bothers
your horse? Or have you found biothane that is more flexible than what I've
come across? I have looked at "betathane" which does seem softer - but not
by much. I've ordered a new headstall from Sportack, but I know some people
hate biothane. I don't have time to clean and condition a leather headstall
and my nylon one is wearing out. Biothane seems like the way to go, but if
it's going to bug my horse it's useless...Any comments??

Thanks -

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[RC] biothane headstalls and tack, Jennifer Adam