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Re: [RC] Safety issue with goosenecks - Joe Long

On Wed, 19 Jul 2006 17:59:01 -0700, "Dyane Smith"
<sunibey@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Sheila, I have puzzled over this for several days.  Now, I confess I don't
understand what a railroad track with low clearance is?  Do you mean under a

It's a crossing where the track is higher (or lower) than the road
surface approaching it, making a hump (or a dip).  With the low road
clearance of many goosenecks, plus their length, the trailer can get
hung up on the tracks, to the point where the truck doesn't have
enough power to either pull it off or back it off.  There it stays,
until you get a tow or the train comes ...

If you ever do get hung up, get the horses off immediately!!! That
lessing of weight may be enough for the truck to then get the trailer
free.  If not, you may be able to jack up the trailer and then back it
off the jack to get it free -- but during any attempts be SURE to
listen/watch closely for a train, and run like hell if one comes.

I once got my car stuck on a main-line freight track during a car
rally.  It went off the crossing and spun onto the track, and was
straddling one of the rails lengthwise, the frame on the rail and two
wheels off the ground.  I had a "comealong" winch and chain with me,
and I was able to winch it off before a train arrived.

Joe Long


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Re: [RC] Safety issue with goosenecks, Dyane Smith