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[RC] Farrier.... Heat and cooling in dry climates - Randy or Cheryl Winter

Angie wrote:

I'm worried about how to control the heat for the farrier. Thinking about
bringing the horses into the living room.

How about an Ez up tent with a fan... Can use the tent at events also...

For people who live in dry climates, there are misting lines than can be
hung up in covered run in sheds that emit a VERY fine mist that works like
evaporative cooling.  After coming off a river trip in the canyon land of
Utah, we sat in an outdoor patio to have lunch.  At first when the friends I
was with said patio, I thought they were all crazy because it had to be 100
degrees.  BUT when we sat down the management click on the little black
emitting lines that put out a VERY fine mist over and around us, and the
temp felt wonderful.... Since then I have noticed this in hardware stores in
the outdoor garden and patio section where it can be rigged up for home use.
Very slick, doesn't use much water and  works great in dry climates.

When Ran and I worked on   a cutting horse ranch in the san Joaquin valley
in California in the 80's the ranch we were on had something similar.  The
barn had a metal roof that had a small hose than ran along the length of the
top that emitted a fine trickle of water onto the roof when it started
getting hot.  The water  evaporation made it much cooler in the barn during
the heat of the day.



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