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[RC] Carri-Lite Portable Corral - Susan Favro

I sell the Carri-Lite Portable Corrals so I’m perhaps not the most objective person but thought I would give my thoughts and impressions.


The panels are so easy to pack away. I load them in my truck bed between the gooseneck and the tailgate, a stack of 10 of them. It’s great that they’re so compact.


The “full corral system” comes with 8 panels. If you’re attaching to a trailer, that would probably be a sufficient number and create a large enough space, but I set the corral up freestanding and found that it seemed just a bit too small for my horse so I ordered an additional two panels.


The locking pins used to hold the panels together are great in that they stop the panels from streamlining if/when the horse leans on them. I did however buy enough ½” bolts, nuts and washers to set up one panel so it’s a hinged gate to make ingress and egress easier. Another idea is to just slide the panel into itself (collapse it side to side) to create a space for moving the horse in and out. Personally I think the bolts, nuts, washers are easier. I also use a KwikTwist to secure the gate rather than putting the locking pins in.


The panels need to be set up in a circular configuration. The panels get pretty tippy if they’re in a straight line. I did set up once with three or four panels in a straight line, but I used guy-lines to stabilize. The full corral system also comes with a stake kit for securing the panels.


I hang a hay bag off the panels with no problem at all. If I use the stake kit, I can also hang a water bucket on the corral’s lower bars.


The resin material is tough, tough, tough – which is good because no corral really has an easy life with an endurance rider. I’ve taken a hammer to the panels using full-force blows (the panel was on a concrete floor) to see how rugged it was. The hammer didn’t even leave a mark. There’s no issue with chipped powder coating and since it’s a resin, there’s not even a possibility of rust.


Overall, I thoroughly enjoy the ease of use of the CarriLite and my horse has been doing great in the Carri-Lite corral. If I hadn’t actually used the panels, I would read the description and think the product was too good to be true.


If you have other questions, please let me know.


Susan Favro
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