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Re: [RC] carrie lite portable corral - Chris Paus

I got a similar product at a fraction of the cost at Carpenter Farm supply:
Lucky for me, they live about two miles away so I just drove there to buy the panels. I got 7 panels, the pins and stakes for about $140.
I'm using it right now to contain a "visiting mare" here for breeding.
If you are in the Midwest, they do travel to all the equine trade shows and other events to sell their stuff.
The advantages, I think it's a bit more secure than my electric corral is and gives them a bit of room to move around.
It's not hard to set up and take down.
Disadvantages.. like Lisa's, you have to line the posts up to get the connector pins in. It's a bit dicey on uneven ground, but not that hard.
It's bulky to carry. I don't have hooks on my trailer. When I'm just bringing one horse, I use the extra trailer stall to hold these. If I'm bringing two horses, I have to re-arrange stuff and put these in my LQ area.
I imagine I'll probably use these panels around home more than on the road.

oddfarm <jsalas@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
I purchased one and IMO it ain't all that.
The pins that hold it together are not easy to drop in unless it is perfectly aligned. Therefore, trying to make a round pen has so far been impossible for me. Also, if the ground is uneven the panels are even more wobbly. The smaller the corral, the sturdier it is, but if your horse were to roll, he would definitely get caught under a rail and take it out.
It is lite, but flimsy. I had a horse escape twice this past ride, both my fault. Once for not securing the pins and the second time he kicked at a panel, got a foot caught and pulled the whole thing down. It broke a panel and he had minor cuts. (I threw a bale of hay off the trailer and he kicked at it) They supply bungee cords to tie it down, but I used hay strings because I could see a bungee cord letting loose and popping a horse in the eye as they ate or drank. I already have a one eyed horse. It doesn't come with a real "gate" so you have to improvise.
The panels definitely take up more space in the trailer than electric tape, charger and poles. The reason I bought the Carri-lite was because in the winter at rides, the horses can walk through the electric fence because they don't feel the zap with their blankets on.
They are in the trailer so I will try them one more time. I have tied to the trailer and worried about getting a leg caught up under the wheels, I have used the electric fence with minimal escapes, (more than 2 horses is gonna be trouble for me) and now the corrals. I think the only sure way to keep horse contained is in the trailer, but of course that is not possible.
However, I am riding fairly young horses now. When the others got older, (ten or so) they were very content to stay put. The young ones(6 and 7) are a tad more obnoxious in more ways than one. The more camping they do, the better it gets.
Lisa Salas, The odd FArm

When in doubt, tell the truth.

-Mark Twain
Chris Paus
Lake Region SWA  http://lakeregionswa.fws1.com

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[RC] carrie lite portable corral, oddfarm