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Re: [RC] Follow-up to EN's July "Ride Managers Forum" - Crash Courseat the ML50 / VT100! - rides2far@xxxxxxxx

Hey Sharon,

Here's some advice from a former ride manager.

It's easier to borrow garbage cans than water troughs and they hold 
plenty of water. You can also haul water in them better...If you've 
got 2 cans you can fill one *to the top* and put the lid on (if it's 
not full there's more sloshing). When you get to the spot where you 
want to unload it, use a bucket to scoop the first few cans into 
the "receiver can" which you left empty, then you can tip the rest 
over into it. It's the fastest way I know to haul lots of water.

Keep plenty of extra markers, signs, staples, and a marker in your 
truck so if you get a call that markers are down you're loaded for 

Contact the local rescue squad and let them know what is going on 
there this weekend. It would be good to have a mental image of the 
best route to get someone out if they are hurt and have *road* maps 
with the trail transferred onto it for them.

Find out if your AERC director will be at the ride. If so, you can 
pass the buck on any tough decisions about rules to them! Regardless 
though, read the rulebook ahead of time and have one handy. One of 
the most common questions is the legality of passing off a junior 
from one rider to another, etc. They can't remember the rules, I 
often can't remember exactly enough...for instance, if you think your 
horse is lame and pass off your junior to a sponsor with a sound 
horse while on trail, then you decide your horse is OK after all, do 
you have to pull? I *think* the rule is that if you pass them off on 
the trail, you've got to pull. Is it? Better check and have your 
answers ready.

Have extra vet cards handy at the vet check to replace any riders 

Don't forget your spotters or anyone who is on duty far from camp. 
They really appreciate food or relief throughout the day.

Try not to save *any* jobs for the ride manager. Don't think, "I can 
take pulses in the AM, and figure ride times towards the end of the 
day, etc". You may do that anyway, but don't plan to.  Lots of jobs 
will come up for you that you can't predict so don't have anything 
other than trouble shooting on your job description.

Your timer can do more to make that ride work smoothly than anyone 
else can. If I were you, I'd fly Nancy Gooch up for my first! :-))


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