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[RC] BH news... - Cindy Collins

I'd sure we'll get a blow-by-blow from Steph (thrilled she finished) and
others, but did want to share with ridecamp that Kathy Arnold just called
me.  She rode the 50 miler.  She said that about 2 miles out of the first
vet check, right as you start up "the Dugway" some one had obviously and
intentionally pulled some of my flags and moved them through a gate and
out a wrong direction!!!!  Thank goodness, Kathy was there and help
everyone continue in the correct direction.  Other than that one spot (she
could see their tire marks!), she said the first 50 miles was well marked,
including the rest of my little section.  I honestly wanted to throw up
when she told me about the vandalism.  I just don't know how to fight
that.  So much hard work and one evil person can undo it.  I haven't
talked to any of the 100 milers, yet, but my deepest fear is that
vandalism caused them to get lost between 50 and 75 miles, also.  It just
hurts me so much that this tiny, elderly group of people is trying to keep
this thing alive by the skin of its teeth and someone would do these
things.  I'm feeling pretty depressed and venting.  I'm sure we'll hear
more stories soon.  Cindy


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