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Re: [RC] hay in hind gut//Frankfurters in Fore Gut - Beverley H. Kane, MD

Title: Re: hay in hind gut//Frankfurters in Fore Gut
I had been skeptical of the alleged capacity of a horse’s hind gut.
Then I rec’d this article in today’s New York Times:


Takeru Kobayashi, 27, a 160-pound wonder from Japan, set a new record by devouring a sickening 53 3/4 frankfurters in 12 minutes to win the annual Independence Day hot dog eating competition on Coney Island. ... Kobayashi, a top-ranked eater [in international competitive eating], once ate 17.7 pounds of pan-seared cow brains to win $25,000.”

Do the math. 80 lbs is 9% of a 900 lb horse. 17.7 lbs is 11% of a 160 lb man.

Bon appetit


Beverley Kane, MD
Horsensei Equine-Assisted Learning & Therapy
Woodside, CA

On 7/7/06 5:19 PM, "heidi@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx" <heidi@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

A horse that REALLY eats a lot (I know mine can, because I've weighed what they eat) can eat up to about 40 lb of dry hay in a 24-hour period, and they have about 48 hours' worth on board.  Still, that's 80 lbs of dry hay, but it's mixed in a slurry with a lot of water.

RE: [RC] [RC-Digest] Vol: 03.3945 hay in hind gut, heidi