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[RC] Thanks to all and here's a humorous anecdote to "need advice" - Donna Shrader

This is especially meant for Angie as I received profound advice from her privately as you can all well imagine! As I read her private post to me, I was  reminded of a very funny story she wrote several years ago, that had me in stitches. It was  about a distance rider flying down the trail surrounded by his hi tech gadgets,like heart monitor, thermometer (in her horse's rectum not hers!), with results tallied on her wrist watch screen, GPS for speed and mileage, fancy saddle, etc., you know, the whole bit!  Now, added to that, with the advice I've received about how to control my bug problem, picture that rider with an impenetrable "cocoon" of air surrounded by an attacking sea of  black, made up of giant horse flies, black flies, deer flies, mosquitoes and gnats.  As we trot down the trail, his leafy branch halo swings about his head, and my rotating horse hair wisk swings about his body, and with each respiration his breath sprays out a  garlic fragrance.  When he stops to take one of his frequent pees, the tics run in the opposite direction from him due to the garlic/vinegar combo smelling pee, and his poop has an odorous vinegary repellant!  Now there is a true funny scene for the books! It's time to update your article Angie!
Many thanks to all the response to my "bug" problem. Ride campers are great!!
Donna Shrader