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[RC] Donna - advice needed - Adele amh78833

4 parts apple cider vinegar
1 part oil (mineral, baby or skin-so-soft)
1 part listerine (S&S brand works fine)
6 parts water
during really buggy season, add couple caps of Repel-X
optional:  couple drops of Eucalyptus oil
Shake well before each use. Likes to separate, and also, oil will settle to bottom and clog your sprayer. If you have a horse prone to sunburn (pink skin), cut the oil back or definitely use skin-so-soft or they may sunburn.
Can be used a couple times a day.  Will also help calm/soothe/heal sweet itch or other bug bites.
Used as listed, may help soothe/cure rain rot; for a bad case, some have said that a couple drops of Tea Tree Oil added may help (anti-fungal)
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Sent: Thursday, July 06, 2006 7:41 AM
Subject: [RC] advice needed

I have a new horse that has become downright almost unsafe to ride due to his fighting with flies! In winter and spring he was doing well and I enjoyed riding him but as the fly season set in, I have never seen an obsession this bad with any horse I have ever ridden. Yes, they are bad this year due to rainfall, and I use fly predators, repellants, masks etc. I have heard that garlic and or vinegar in the feed can help. Anyone know the recipe? Or any other answers to this problem?  Thanks for any answers.

[RC] advice needed, Donna Shrader