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[RC] rogue donkey's - agilbxr

This could otherwise be named: "Alpine thinks he's a stallion...."
My neighbor has an intact donkey (are they called Jacks?).  Anyway, he's one of the smallish ones..maybe 12.5 to 13 hands.  Little bugger got loose yesterday.  One of our boarders had her 22 year old TB in the yard eating grass.  The donkey raced straight up to Chiron, braying loudly, and attacked him, biting at the underside of his neck. Thankfully, Chiron remembered he was a TB, reared up to shake off the donkey before it could get hold of anything vital, and took off down the driveway.  The donkey gave chase.  Chiron kicked it and knocked it down, then proceeded to outdistance it.  The donkey then ran towards the pasture where Alpine lives with his little herd of one mare and one other gelding.  Alpine, ears pinned to his head, raced for the donkey at the fence and grabbed by the top of the neck.  While those two were occupied in trying to kill each other, we got Chiron back and into a pasture (we love our fences....).  After Chiron was safe, I w ent for the donkey, who had gotten loose from Alpine, but was still trying to attack him through the fence.   Alpine was MAD!  I have seen that face on the movies when range stallions are fighting....I'm not sure I EVER want to be on the receiving end of that face from a horse.  Anyway,  I threw a halter at the donkey, and he headed for our third pasture to go get the boys in there.  I threw the halter at him again (it was the only weapon I could find on short notice), and it ran down the driveway, then back into the neighbors yard.  

After all this (I think maybe 5 minutes...but it sure seemed a heck of a lot longer), over wander the neighbors.  "have you seen my donkey.  I let it out to graze in the yard, and he's dissappeared".  AHHH!  I said, "yes, it attacked one of my horses here.  We chased it out of the yard. Someone could have been seriously hurt".  I was then told by the neighbors that I shouldn't have chased the donkey , I could have just walked up to it and caught it.   He just got loose after all.   Was this before he attacked Chiron, or while in a fight with my horse???  I wonder....  Anyway, all of our guys are fine...a couple of scrapes and they were VERY wound up for quite  a while.  I'm not sure how the donkey is.  But if this happens again...who can say how the donkey will be.  I won't hesitate to defend the critters on my property if I have too.  We have been working on fenceing the entire property--it's 26 acres--but I think that's going to be high on the priority list now.  At the very least, I think I'll get the field fence up on the property line, and use hot wire on the forest side of the property.  I wonder if a rogue donkey will go through hot wire......

Juli and the Herd
Alpine (I will kill the intruder.  I am really a big range mustang, not a little palomino with an attitude)
Merlin (I'm glad i wasn't out there)
Spot (It made for an interesting afternoon to say the least...)

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