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RE: [RC] Feed in South Africa- and now barefoot - Tracey Lomax

Cindy wrote:

Our beet pulp now is imported from UK I think- the Dodsen and Horrell
kwik-beet. A bit expensive- but might get cheaper with more use 

Ya, sure, that's what they said about petrol.....but moving on : it's
expensive to buy BUT I've found that feeding it has meant that my hay
and concentrate bill is reduced so I'm now a convert.

I honestly cannot "afford" barefoot here in SA- 

Roderick (who is, incidentally, Cindy's farrier) has become a bit of a
barefoot fan of late and he's managed to convince me to let him try it
on my four Thoroughbreds (all of the older Ridecampers who remember me
saying I'd never try it are now fully entitled to a whiplash moment) and
I must say I'm quite impressed so far.  Of course, I don't do the
distances that Cindy does, but my horses do work over varied terrain,
from soft sand, to tar, to stony ground, and so far, so good.  The first
horse we tried it on was Diceman who had the crappiest LTLH feet you've
ever seen, and he's been bare now for about four months, and I've just
started jumping him again.  

We've now pulled Toc's backs, Harry's fronts (he was in a half set) and
Barney's full set (he's off work for a month or so as he's tweaked
something in his butt and, to be honest, I'm too bone idle to ride in
the cold).  I'll let you know how they hold up.  If they do, he'll be
eventing bare, which might be fun : only TB in the world who events
barefoot and eating nothing but hay and beet pulp!  They don't come
cheaper to keep than that!  He also goes in nothing but a snaffle and
cavesson, and bootless, so my tack bill's also low :)  

Cindy and Celeste : Roderick's busy designing a new rubber shoe which he
wants to try on endurance horses who usually go barefoot, just for
endurance rides. Anyone wanna play guinea pig for him?



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RE: [RC] Feed in South Africa- and now barefoot, Budler,Cindy - Afrox