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[RC] June horsenews - Mike Sherrell

June horsenews

       In June I?ve been riding east of I-5 between Stockton and Lodi and 
east. Around the end of May and into early June, the cherries are coming in.
Traveller munched the clover that grows between the trees while I sampled
the darkest of the cherries. Afterwards I experienced no tremors or
dizziness from neurotoxic pesticides, so a couple of weeks later in another
cherry orchard I ate my fill, mostly Queen Annes now, while Traveller
hurriedly tore off as many mouthsful of clover as he could.

       I know horses are anathema to walnut growers, but trying to complete a 
we kind of got trapped in a walnut grove (which in my defense hadn?t been
scraped of its winter weeds yet). This is the most beautiful place in
California. Standing in the shade and watching Traveller grazing, in my mind
I saw the walnut forest extending across the valley floor for leagues in all
directions, to the Sierra, to Mt. Diablo and Mt. Shasta, Traveller and me in
the center of it ? how would Traveller feel?

       All six flymasks from last year were reuseable ? never previously has it
been more than one or two. I?m a real old buckaroo now, I guess.

       At the club playday T and I took blues in barrels and cones, but in 
event I fell off into the sand when he shied right while I was leaning way
left to grab a flag out of a barrel. I did a pretty slick back somersault to
my feet and ran him down to finish the event, though.

       Two year old Andalusa refuses to give me her left hind. She falls on me,
feint-kicks (and gets slapped), bites at me. I thought maybe it hurt to put
her weight on her right hind, but now I?ve seen her standing on three while
she twists around and gnaws at some itch on her raised left leg, another
time kicking at an annoyance on her belly with the left hind. I can?t get
her trimmed unless I overcome this.

       Neighbor Steve brought over his yearling and we put her in the arena 
Sepherade the two-year old filly, the idea being to socialize his baby with
strange horses. Sepherade touched noses and then went to vacuuming up
Traveller and Andaluza?s left-overs (the two being in a neighboring
pasture). Steve?s horse, a quarter horse-Arab cross, intermittently jumped,
bucked, and whinnied, then finally turned, raced down the length of the
arena and jumped at the fence, catching her legs on the top pipe, flipped
and crashed on the other side. She picked herself up and disappeared down
the road. We caught up to her at the fence with her own herd at Steve?s
house, her legs a bit skinned up.

To see a few pictures from June, go to
http://www.grizzlyanalytical.com/Horsepix.htm and in the index at the bottom
select the link to June 2006: Lodi-Stockton area and points east.


Mike Sherrell

Grizzly Analytical (USA)
707 887 2919/fax 707 887 9834


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