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[RC] manure management? - Pvan19

we fenced in a rectangle on three and a half sides with cheap metal trellis ( like the stuff you put in concrete foundations) and metal posts around 5 feet high, opening facing away from the house, put some annual climbers against it to grow & flower and planted a little hedge around it that will eventually reach the top of the fence
didn't bother to concrete the ground or anything, we have fairly sandy soil that is stable enough
the trellis keeps the manure in so you can pile it up quite high, and once a year or so we have our neighbours with veg patches come over & serve themselves to empty the pile ( we just shovel it into a dumping trailer) - in exchange we get free veg too! We have 5 horses
a tightly stacked pile that is kept moist will compost very quickly, no need for turning etc
ideally find a spot where the wind won't blow the smell towards your house though (next to stables?)
looks great - better actually than most of the garden sigh...
best thing we ever did was to invest in rubber matting for the stables - no need for bedding and a HUGE reduction in manure
ps a friend of mine spreads her manure from her 1 horse over a larger area at the back of the paddock and when it's dry she burns it in an incinerator 
From: Sharon Levasseur <sharon1359@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Subject: [RC]   Small acreage... manure management?

We have 7 acres, of which we would like to fence off about 1 acre in the woods
and 1 acre on the lawn.  For now anyway, there will only be one horse, and that
one will be there only 3 seasons AT MOST.

Our house is a modern and "dressy" style, our driveway is paved, and in various
other ways we are NOT set up like a mini farm.  I cannot figure out what we're
going to do with the manure!  There isn't anywhere I can think of where a
manure pile would be hidden from view and yet accessible by any sort of vehicle
that would be able to haul manure away.  I know it'll probably only be one horse
(at least for now) but we all know IT ADDS UP!!

I can't even think of a good place for a dumpster... not that I really want to
pay for one!  And yes, I did think of composting, but we haven't got any sort
of heavy equipment to use for turning it over and I just can't see us in there
with shovels.

Thoughts, comments, ideas?  Anyone in a similar situation who has come up with a
creative solution?

-Sharon L. in Maine