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[RC] Feed in Soth Africa - Budler,Cindy - Afrox

As Tracey mentioned , now that Beet Pulp is available in South Africa I too
have started feeding it to my horses- two youngsters not working and my
endurance horse. All of them scoff it down. 
I too am feeding the shandy mix for its fibre content and energy - it is
Alfalfa and oat hay mix and I would presume about a 12 % protein. Together
with a small amount(2kg a day for the mare) of local 12% protein commercial
feed and beet pulp as well as oil and oats for the mare. I have been feeding
this for a month now - since I have moved the horses in with me from livery.
Also as the grazing is now more straw than grass due to being the dry season
and winter- they all get a haynet at night of the best quantity eragrostis
grass available(also about a 8-10 % protein in tests).
My mare's behaviour has changed radically - I am not sure if it is the food
or a combination of feed and living conditions. She was stabled from 3pm to
7am everyday at livery- with a very large mountain for turnout the other
hours. Also on a "cool" feed but with some molasses and about 3 kg/day.She
was an extremely hot spooky horse - a nightmare to ride !
Now she is out 24 hours a day- not in a large place but big enough to graze
and move around quite a bit. I also have pulled her shoes and she is a bit
ouchy right now- so although we are training lightly because of the feet she
is still getting in an average of 30km a week. She has not spooked once in
the the last two rides!!!! Also no pulling like a train- we can ride on the
buckle.It is a pleasure to ride her right now!!She is really well rounded -
not fat but in good condition and besides now looking more like a
"plaasponie"(farm pony in Afrikaans) and not a show arab anymore she is a
much more relaxed and happy horse all round.If I find , as we up the miles
in preparation of starting the new season in January- that she runs out of
gas  I will increase the oats and commercial feed to up the energy portion
of the food but right now we seem okay..

Cindy Budler
IP Marketing
011 876 1179
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