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[RC] Beet Pulp - Marcia Nelson

Wow, the post from Bruce is incredibly helpful, thank you. I’d been wondering about Complete Advantage as I’ve been reading these posts because I’ve used Complete Advantage by Kruse for several years now and from what I’ve observed it’s been the best addition I made to our horses diets. It’s comforting to hear that others like it too. I make Electrolyte cookies using it as the grain and we feed them all along the trail. They are only interested in eating them w/electrolytes when it is hot or when they get tired and hungry. Otherwise they don’t seem to crave them. We noticed a big difference in our horses’ energy levels and P & R’s when we added it to our saddle packs. I mixed the CAdv with lots of water at our last ride and they slurped it up the night before the ride. I don’t give it to them in the morning because I was afraid to have take off with a belly full of grain, I was afraid it would be too heavy to get started. But I reach down and give them the cookies made of it and carrots all day long and they seem to thrive on it.


Any other input from others about this would be great. I’ve just been experimenting, but I wasn’t sure of my plan here…