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Re: [RC] Small acreage... manure management? - Diane Trefethen

Hi Sharon,

For a while I was able to lease a summer pasture that was about 3 acres. It was mostly on a hillside (which is why the owner didn't allow horses on it in the rainy season). I had 2 horses there from about Apr-Oct for over 3 years running. I never hauled off anything. Horse apples dry out pretty quickly and then pulverize becoming part of the soil. I don't know the number of horses/acre that would result in so much feces that it needed to be hauled away. The horse pooples out in the field just disappear after a while.

BTW, if your horse(s) are neat and tidy and poop in just one place, you can collect it periodically and park it somewhere else to let it age. After about 8 months it is very good fertilizer. I am big on recycling, not because of the environment but because it saves me money.

The bottom line is that the stuff breaks down and if scattered, like being dropped all over the place, breaks down really fast. It won't build up but it will improve the soil. One horse on 7 acres for 3 seasons? Don't worry about it. :)

Sharon Levasseur wrote:
We have 7 acres, of which we would like to fence off about 1 acre in the woods
and 1 acre on the lawn.  For now anyway, there will only be one horse, and that
one will be there only 3 seasons AT MOST.

Our house is a modern and "dressy" style, our driveway is paved, and in various
other ways we are NOT set up like a mini farm.  I cannot figure out what we're
going to do with the manure!  There isn't anywhere I can think of where a
manure pile would be hidden from view and yet accessible by any sort of vehicle
that would be able to haul manure away.  I know it'll probably only be one horse
(at least for now) but we all know IT ADDS UP!!


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[RC] Small acreage... manure management?, Sharon Levasseur