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[RC] Easyboot Bares - Lysane Cree

Easycare has studs that can be inserted in bottom of their boots for traction and you have to drill holes in the bottom of the boot. So I don't think drilling holes would affect the integrity of the boot. I have used the studs on the Epics in winter - the holes made good drainage holes afterwards and it did not do any damage to the boot at all. Perhaps just double-check whether the studs can be used on the Bares too, then you would know if drilling holes is o.k. too on the Bares.
Mud or rocks have not caused any problems with the holes being there. The only thing I noticed was that recently when riding in sand, there was some skin rubbed off the heel of my horse. Never happened before (I have the heel straps cut out) so I thought it might be due to the sand getting in the boot. Next time I will vet wrap.
Hope that helps,
From: mateef@xxxxxxx
Subject: [RC]   easyboot bare
I'm going to give the booted barefoot thing a try. I have 4 new
easyboot bares on order. Where I ride, there is lots of creek crossings and
some fairly muddy spots. There is also lots and lots of rock. Hence the
need for boots. Is it possible to drill a couple of drain holes in the
bottom of the boots? Without compromising their integrity?  I figured
I'd ask those who use them.
Sallie in NE Ohio
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