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[RC] gaited horses/other breeds/jim's comments - Ed Kilpatrick

jim, i will mostly agree with you on this subject, except for your reply to jen regarding mustangs.  you cant reasonably put them in the same category as all other breeds except arabs.  that is not an accurate statement.  i think you said that probably 7 or 8 arabs out of ten would make good endurance prospects, i would say mustangs would rate about the same. most mustangs can do endurance, and do it very well.   i can go to the blm website and look at the current group of horses available for adoption, and pick out a bunch of endurance prospects.  many of them can be very competitive, if racing is what you like to do.  the difference is that there aren't nearly as many mustangs being ridden in endurance.  if you look at the ones that are, though, you will see that they perform very well.
i ride "other" breeds because that is what i have and that is what i like to ride.  ya'll can look up my record if you want to.  i have only done this sport for about 5 years now. my completion rate and top ten finishes are about average, i think. the only pulls i have had were due to operator malfunction, not the horse.  i have ridden 12 different horses, representing six different breeds, in both LD and endurance.   all of these horses are healthy and sound except for one, who decided to die while loafing around in the pasture.  i own one registered arab, but she is a 22 year old, lame brood mare.  i have ridden a few arabs, and some half arabs.  to be quite honest,  i dont really like the way they move, and to me the horse's way of going is one of the most important things to consider.
just a few salient comments from the deep south.  :-)
cowboy ed