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[RC] info on the national animal identification system proposal - Marmckwk

Hi to everyone!!!  Look, if you own horses, cattle, chickens, pigeons, goats, sheep, etc - OR EVER HOPE TO HAVE ANY OF THESE you need to check this out --- right now this is voluntary but they're hoping to make it mandatory by 2008 -- and they're making some big decisions about it in July of this year so you need to educate yourself NOW!!!
Visit www.hobbyfarmsmagazine.com  and check out the article "A New Threat to Rural Freedom" (you may have to hit "preview" May/June issue first) --- also go to www.usda.gov/nais  for more details ....  This is insanity at it's best:  this could destroy hobby farmers and people who just have a few acres and want to raise their own meat -- and, can you imagine having to report to the government any time you want to go for a trail ride or take your horse to the local arena?  If one of your chickens gets loose you have to report it - what about the free range birds that wander over your property line to the neighbors?  You've got to report that!  Okay - so it's not so strict now but do you really believe it wont get worse?  And I don't want any kind of tracking device in my horse - I ride to get away from that bull.  If you have a steer and want it butchered by a local packer you've got to report it even if you're keeping the meat.  Don't let the government scare you into believing this is a good thing - THINK ABOUT IT - where have the problem animals come from?  Not from the hobby farmers.