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Re: [RC] RC:RC:Horses and acclimatisation to Heat/Humidity - Truman Prevatt


I have ridden quite a bit with an HRM in FL - year round and what I see is exactly what you describe. During the winter when it is cooler and less humid, the pulse rate recovery is fairly linear into the 40's. In the summer before the rainy season when it is getting warm but the humidity has not cranked up the pulse recovery is pretty linear - although a little slower down into the 40's. However, when the heat and humidity cranks up in the rainy season the pulse rate will drop to 56 to 60 pretty rapidly, however it will hang in the 50's for a long period.

The WEC will be interesting because Malaysia is the tropics. People will have to acclimate not only their horses but also their thinking.


Nik Isahak Abdullah wrote:

This observation is not relevent to your line of question but nonetheless an observation: In our horses that has been acclimatised in Malaysia for even a year or two from Australia{Australian summer in Queensland region can be hot +++,even hotter than Malaysia but humidity wise lower},the initial drop of pulse rate can be fairly fast in the already acclimatised horses but after the initail drop will hang on at 55 to 60 at a longer time resulting in a possible "vet out" by very well meaning but "uneducated" and suspecting foreign vets who preside at most of our CEI 3 star rides.Obviously to them this may be indicative of a potential metabolic crises and a very tired horse syndrome..With representation a common feature in most rides in the 3rd and 4th phases nowadays,some combination of riders and horses get the unwarranted wrong end of the stick for being say at 55 bpm at 30 minutes recovery.Avery 'tired horse' indeed from the perspective of the visiting 'expert'.
Certainly the fall of the pulse here is not linear as one can see in temperate surrounding since a new basal equilbrium is being raised more so due to the humidity rather than heat.Not relevent to your discussion of course but just my observation on the follies of 'visiting experts'.


"Mathematics may be defined as the subject in which we never know what we are talking about, nor whether what we are saying is true." - Bertrand Russell


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[RC] RC:RC:Horses and acclimatisation to Heat/Humidity, Nik Isahak Abdullah