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RE: [RC] grazing muzzle - Susan & Jerry Milam

I have a pony/arab using one right now and have been using a schedule that works well with my daily stuff. Leave it on for 3 days and remove for 1 but daily remove it to allow for 1 flake of hay and access to free choice mineral for a few hours. She has access to free choice mineral with the muzzle on but it's nicer to get to the minerals with it off every day for awhile too. This mare is very obese right now and needs to lose weight. I may need to adjust this if the rate of loss is too slow.
JMHO and still playing with the best use of this neat device.

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Subject: [RC] grazing muzzle

I just put a grazing muzzle on Twist, the STB, who is a very good eater and showing it.
If anyone is using one, how are you managing it?  He's on full pasture, no dry lot available.  Do you take it off for a few hours?  Have you found one time better than another?
Searched the archives, but I couldn't find what I need to know.
I could bring him home where we do have a dry lot and a nice box stall, but he would be a very unhappy only horse.
Nancy Sturm

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