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Re: [RC] Owhyee Detailed Results - Truman Prevatt

Jeeze I sure hate to agree with Angie, it gives her a big head. However, she is absolutely correct. In '96 I did the ROC with easy boots all around on the mare. It was pretty easy in the West - so easy it lulled me into a false sense of of reality as to what a pain in the butt these things are in the East.

Since the '96 ROC and the '97 Big South Fork my wife decied to give me the horse she had ruined by running him up front for a ride - a.k.k the Jbird. I decide that instead of pads on the BSF I'll use Ezboots. Big mistake. After having boots fall off for about 20 miles on the scoend loop and having to tie the Jbird up to a tree and go back and find them and wasting about an hour I look down about 5 miles from the last check and see the buckle broken on a boot - a new one at that. I got so disguested with boots I just got off and removed them, tied them to my saddle. I looked at my watch and figured I was impacted the vets and the ride and galloped the last five miles mostly up hill - can you say lactic acid.

I get to the check and it takes the Jbird about 10 mintues (it was also hot). The vet looks at my card and my horse and ask - did you run in to which I told him yes. Of course he was 52 when he checked in. He said he looks great for what you did. I went on to finish (with any damn boots).

Needless to say that is the last time I depended on boots. But the thing to take away about lactic acid, or quick recovery - much of it depends on what you did the last five miles.


rides2far@xxxxxxxx wrote:

It'd be AWESOME if AERC required results in this manner, but I

understand from a ride manager's perspective that it might be a big >>>old nightmare.

I love studying numbers like this, but before you could read too much into AERC stats you'd really need to understand who's racing and who's riding. This weekend we had a first time horse and a 2nd timer. When we'd come in off the trail there was an inch of mud on their bellies, between the hind legs, under the splint boots, etc. I knew that if we went straight to the vet it would be dried and twice as hard to get off when we got back and we were in *no* hurry. So they got a good cleaning and before I even bothered to take their pulses they were way down (OK, maybe not the first check when Cade was running in circles...he was 60 but that was excitement).

When I was checking through Nina Barnett made a joke about "took you long enough to get them down" and that's the first time I even thought about how it looked to have overe a 15 min. recovery time. When the vet saw they were 52 he never commented on how long it had taken us to come in.

I know at an FEI ride most are probably giving it all they've got to get through, but again I'll mention Biltmore one year when Karen Clark was racing extremely well but supposedly had substantially slower "recoveries" that were actually due to no crew help at all.

Tell you something I wish someone would do. When you've got the cards for top 10, just copy, ALL the vet scores...what was the hydration score, gut sounds?, etc. That would give a really interesting picture. I'd love to sit down with each of the competitors and have them describe what they did between those two loops, what changed, etc. Next time I do an article and have them in my hands I think I'll make duplicates to ponder when I get home, and maybe at least go over the winner's card with them.



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Re: [RC] Owhyee Detailed Results, rides2far@xxxxxxxx