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RE: [RC] [RC] banned substances-Yucca - Jannelle Wilde & Adam Falk

Ed, that was not really the point.  The point was that there are a lot of supplements out there that have it in them.  We had accidentally bought something with it and my hubbie contacted them to find out if he should ride or not.  We weren’t trying to chisel…nor are most folks.  We use bute, if there’s a need but we needed to ask how long it hangs around in the body before going to a ride again.  There are some meds/substances that can be tested long after their use and the body’s need for them is over.  Yes, if a horse needs bute, he shouldn’t be competing but we weren’t sure how long it could be tested.  Same with Yucca.  


There are a lot of folks out there still learning the ropes.  Give ‘em the benefit of the doubt.





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"....My hubbie e-mailed with a vet on the board who said that the Yucca contained in many supplements isn’t enough to show up on a test (so that makes me wonder if there’s enough to be effective, too..."


  If a person wants to follow the intent of rule 13, they will not try to chisel by using a banned substance and then hoping that it does not "test", they will just not use the substance.  Especially when many supplements are available without the banned substance.


 One can easily avoid feeding any amount of a banned substance, and still give their horse all of the nutrition it needs to maximize their chances of achieving their endurance goals.




 "What is the rule? Not to use drugs, that is the rule.  Are we not men?"


 with apologies to H. G. Wells, "The Island of Dr. Moreau"


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Re: [RC] [RC] banned substances-Yucca, Sisu West Ranch