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[RC] Dear Dr. Q. - Tom Sites

Good Day Dr. Q.,  Not being sure of your hours,  thought i'd just drop in, in hopes of your being here.
Good Day Dr. Q.  Since you seem to be here so far, may i go so far as to ask?  Should i post on my Wal-Mart pony?  or just do the 3-point canter?  Put him into a hackamore and pull his shoes to be bare and really let em go?  Also, should i put a few extra quarters in at the start and get a longer ride while he's still frisky?  or wait til he has had a chance to recover and drop the LSD?
Great Day Dr. Q.  Walking slightly bowed-legged  after three hundred and seventy-nine dollars and seventy-five cents( must admit i could have ridden further, but the line behind me watching all my fun, ran me off).
Good Day Dr. Q.  Now that i have ridden the Trails and become a know it all , i only wonder where i should ride next, and how far?  The Rite Aid over in Woodstock has a pinto pony and i've scoped him out and he's real cute and he hardly ever gets ridden hard and  i just know he's real fresh and i know i could ride there a lot longer than Wal-Mart and all those Wal-Mart ponies get tired after 200 bucks anyway.. So do you think i should try riding him?  or go back to Wal-Mart where i feel comfortable and my friends are?  This whole Endurance thing is so complicated.   Please help me.
little tomy
This is not a Production of  Spoof America (PSA), and all rights and entitlements are protected by guns, tights and bloody tampons.  This farcical presentation  is not intended to offend anyone of color, race, vocal perspective, religious belief or genetic preferance, and all these rights and copyrights are removed from the public domain for the betterment of lawyers.  If by chance, this has in some way offended you, then please do not hesitate to call 911, and leave a message, and take an aspirin.  Remember, the Choice is yours to Vote Incumbant .  ps: this is also not an affiliation of any political party, as they all suck  (QUESTION? Why is there a vacuum in space?  ANSWER......People Suck)  this ut the en23@ a""0-@~~~~ ,~/t ^^:<)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))
Dr. Q. i have so many questions, but i gotta go over to Woodstock and train.
little tomy