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[RC] Tights - tom noll

Since we are talking of tights?I almost always wear tights riding.  I figure that I wear tights running, I wear tights skiing, I wear tights biking, so I can wear tights on my horse too.  However, I have some traditional riding friends and let?s just say that John never fails to give me a hard time about the tights.  One day we made plans to go riding and I thought that I am a flexible guy and I would wear the whole western setup (I still wear bike shorts under the jeans).  So I got dressed, loaded up the horse, and went out to meet John at the appointed spot.
Let me tell you a little bit about Walter?s Ferry.  There is a small restaurant, gas station, and convenience store with beer, bait, and bullets where Highway 78 crosses the Snake River in SW Idaho.  It is the location of famous donuts and the place usually has a collection of Owyhee County characters drinking coffee, eating breakfast, talking news, and generally hanging out on any given morning. 
We set our plans to meet at Walter?s Ferry sometime in the morning.  When I pulled off the highway and onto the dirt at Walter?s Ferry, I saw that John was already there so I got out of the van and walked over to the restaurant.  As I entered the doorway I saw John inside.  John turned, looked at me, and said in a voice loud enough for anyone in the place to hear, ?Tom, this is the first time I?ve seen you with your pants on!? and every eye in the joint turned to look at me.  Even so, I still wear tights.

Best Regards,
Tom Noll
SW Idaho