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Re: [RC] How Long is your commute AND Leg wrapping for shipping - Equus Wolf

I drive 23miles to work one way - takes about half an hour.  My horses are only 5miles from my house so it takes me 30minutes to get to the stable from work, then less than 10 minutes to get home from the stable.
Of course, my fiance has to drive an hour to work(and he passes the exit to my work on his way), but he knows I'd prefer being closer to my horses than work.  I'd rather not move my horses.  I like where they are.
For about three years, I drove 45miles one way 6 days a week, sometimes 7 from where I lived to where I had my horse(of course, that was my full time job as well)
It's nice to hear that there are so many others that commute to work.  I'm not the only one that doesn't want to move too far from where the horses are happy, nor do I want to uproot the 550ft of fencing my fiance and I put up over a year ago for my dogs! *laugh*
As for wrapping when trailering, it depends on the length of the trip.  When I bought Shelby, I did standing wraps on all four.  That was 265miles.  When we drive 30 minutes to condition off of the farm, I don't wrap.  If we go to Sandhills Stampede this weekend, I will wrap her for the trip there.  I have two sets of "shipping boots" and they are nice for short trips if you want to protect the legs from cuts/scrapes or white legs that have been bathed, but other than that, I haven't seen any that really support the leg.  If I were shipping a horse with a company and I couldn't be with the horse, I wouldn't wrap the legs because of injuries that could result from twisted, tightening or fallen/loose wraps.  JMHO

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