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Re: [RC] cleaning biothane and adjusting easy - Barbara McCrary

What perfectly concise instructions!  Thanks, Paddi.  And the nice word for spitting is "expectorate."
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From: CTH
Sent: Friday, March 10, 2006 5:36 PM
Subject: [RC] cleaning biothane and adjusting easy

First I think most gets cleaned only when caught in the rain.
BUT if you want to clean it
Dishwasher- top shelf  no heat cycle same soap
Sink - fill sink warm water and take a plastic scrubby pad and wipe it off
I do not suggest you soak tack in water for any length of time. If the heat seal is not complete the webbing can soak up water and cause the coating to delaminate(is that a word?)
Pressure washer- just hang it up and pressure wash it
I just open the tack room door and wash tack the same time as the trailer.
I blew up the dishwasher opening the door to get the tack out mid rinse.( I was doing alot after returning from Stephs ride and a big dust storm.I had set up a booth and everything was coated with dust)
I have tried many ways to get the hardware to look new again. It can be cleaned byt the really shiny new look never comes back.
Remember to check your rein snaps for metal fatigue!!!
If your rein rubbers are all ripped and worn they can be replaced easy. Much cheaper then buying new reins.
To adjust your biothane tack spit on it. What was that nice word that meant spit? It makes it slippery and easy to adjust. lol... think of the look on your friends face when you slobber on your horses tack while it is on him. Right up there with mom spitting on a kleenex to wash you up as a kid

[RC] cleaning biothane and adjusting easy, CTH