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[RC] Bird Flu, WNV, etc. - wendy mancini

    Discussion of Bird Flu and West Nile Virus at the same time needs some clarification.  In a recent conversation,  a medical friend made the error of confusing the two.  So, FYI, for anyone who might think they are related, the two are not related.  
    WNV - as most horse people know is a virus that attacks the nervous system.  It is spread from birds to other animals by a vector, the mosquito.  
    Bird Flu is also a virus but it is respiratory  in nature and is spread by "droplet".  In other words the moisture drops from the respiratory system that spray into the air during coughing/sneezing.  Equines & humans can acquire Bird Flu.
    Anyone who wants to know more about any communicable disease from the most reliable US source should go to www.cdc.org .  The Center for Disease Control web site is extremely informative.  
    Not an expert on Bird Flu - just happened to attend a seminar last week.
    Wendy in NJ - RNBC, CNS