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Re: [RC] Peeing on trail - Barbara McCrary

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One of my more amusing experiences involved someone else in the outhouse.  I was just using the platform of the double unit on wheels as a mounting block.  Someone had forgotten to lower the stabilizing legs on the trailer and when I stepped onto the platform to mount my horse, the whole unit tipped like a teeter-totter.  The person in the outhouse let out a big scream and I was pretty embarrassed that I had caused such an uproar.  I apologized profusely, climbed on my tall horse somehow, and left, ASAP.
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Sent: Wednesday, March 08, 2006 10:52 AM
Subject: [RC] Peeing on trail

We non-endurance riders are far too refined to go it on trail (ugh!!).  Besides, we don't ride for long enough...
But there was this one time....we rode up to the local pub come ablution facilites along the river and I went to the loo in their outhouse.  It was a Monday morning so everything was closed and it was only my friend and me around (thank God for small mercies).  I was riding a young horse with zero manners who didn't know how to tie, and my buddy was on a rig, who was aggressive to other geldings, so the only thing I could do was go to the loo and park the horse outside, holding his reins so he didn't wander off.
Needless to say, he became bored with the scenery (not that I blame him) and wandered off when I was least expecting it, and yanked me head-first, bare-arsed straight out of the door, and I landed face-first in the dirt at his feet, my jods around my knees, and a wad of loo roll in my left hand.....
Riding is such a humbling experience....

[RC] Peeing on trail, Tracey Lomax