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Re: [RC] true story Sorting by colors and/or behavior - Ellen Zawada

I have an Arab gelding, now 24, that would play "lame" when he was feeling lazy.
I went out to the barn one day to ride ( I think he was 4 or 5 at the time) and after we warmed up in the arena I realized he was slightly off.  After examining him we came to the conclusion he had a stone bruise so I unsaddled and put him back out to pasture.  That one incident was all it took.  I gave him a week off and went back out to ride.  As soon as I pulled him into the barn to saddle up he started limping on one leg.  Nothing major, just off.  I had observed him in the field from the window earlier and he had been moving fine.  I unsaddled him and turned him back out.  He kept limping.  I followed his limping lazy butt (LOL) back out to the pasture, grabbed a different horse to ride,  and guess what....he was miraculously healed.  No more limp!  He pranced around the other horse trying to get my attention without one missed step.  So, I took him into the barn saddled up, and we had a great ride.  He tried it 2 or 3 more times that summer, and everytime I went to ride another horse he would suddenly be "cured" again.  He has never been off a day since that summer.  People just do not give horses enough credit for "brain power".

indiancp <indiancp@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
twenty years ago a good friend was looking for a tb to train as a field and
show hunter. she didn't have much money to spend but had several of us
(friends) watching out for her. i happened to be at a sale where a bunch of
tb's came in. they all had something, bowed tendons, etc. there was one
lovely dark bay gelding that really caught my eye. he had an osselet (sp).
the guy that brought him in swore to me that he was now sound. we trotted
him out and he was and didn't seem to be tranqed. i called my friend and
told her about him and told her he APPEARED sound but we'd have no
guarantee. she said if i could get him for x dollars do it.
i did. took him to my barn and the next morning she came to meet her new
horse. i had turned him out and he was looking and feeling good. we got
him, saddled him and she mounted. that poooor horse was so lame he could
hardly go. she got off and we were both sick. turned him back out and
again he appeared fine. next day we tried him again and again he was soo
lame but as soon as he was released he was all over the place. it hit me
and i told her let's try again and this time don't get off, keep riding.
she did and soon i guess he got tired of limping on one leg so he switched
to the other!! she kept riding and finally he decided it was too much to
keep limping and VIOLA SOUND!!! she hunted him (kensington) and showed him
for many years and he was a good one and never lame again. that sucker
never knew he almost limped his way right into a dog food can!! i think
that he learned if he was lame he didn't work when he really was lame and
kept that in his mind. lol no telling how often it had worked for him.
sure not saying work lame horses but in this case he didn't realize that you
can't be lame one min. and bouncing off the sky completely sound the next.

Zephyr Creek Kigers


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[RC] true story Sorting by colors and/or behavior, indiancp