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Re: [RC] Horses & mud puddles - Karen Sullivan

brief clarification....has anyone really seen -moss- hanging from trees?  The stuff you see in California hanging off the Oaks is really a type of lichen....and the stuff in the southern states you see hanging off trees (Spanish moss) is really a  tillandsia (bromeliad)....
This becomes important when somebody reads some sort of herbal home-remedy book and mis-uses the wrong plant for something.....Happened in my county where somebody tried to drink "tea" made from the "moss" hanging from the oaks....got really, really sick.
Never, never depend on common names with dealing with plants!  Always use specific genus and species names!
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Sent: Monday, March 06, 2006 4:27 PM
Subject: Re: [RC] Horses & mud puddles

algae is in water and moss hangs from trees!

Barbara McCrary <bigcreekranch@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
We have horses that will eat the algae......long big strings of it.  Or is that moss?  Well, they eat it, anyway.
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Sent: Monday, March 06, 2006 3:54 PM
Subject: [RC] Horses & mud puddles

    1.  Because they are thirsty.
    2.  Given a choice between a stream & a mud puddle during cold weather they always choose the mud puddle.
    3.  Choosing a clear puddle vs. a muddy puddle seems a matter of preference but given a choice between clear and thick green the thick green will win every time with my guys.  Must be something nutritional about algae.  
    Now here's a question - If the puddles are full of tadpoles does your horse just swallow them along with the water? 

Re: [RC] Horses & mud puddles, Christina Schiro