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Re: [RC] Selling horses - rides2far@xxxxxxxx

I've done a fair amount of buying and selling. The thing I've found is there is absolutely no link between price and value. I have bought fantastic horses for $500 and I have taken a total loss on "retail priced" horses. As a seller, if you make too big of a deal out of getting offended at low offers you may not get any offers at all. As far as making money goes the key for me has always been TURNOVER. If you keep a horse any length of time you will not make money. I have kept a horse an extra two years trying to get "what it was worth". I finally sold that horse for next to nothing, bought and sold two more for profit quickly once I had that slot open in the field. Now I look at a horse that I can't get "what it's worth" and think, "If I can just move that one, I'll make profit on a different one to make up for it".

At least for me unbroke horses are for *me*. If I want a horse that isn't broke, OK...but I would never ever buy one to sell. I do not keep score of cost on "keeper" horses I get for myself. That money is gambling money that is betting the horse turns out. I keep *strict* records of cost on a horse I am trying to make a profit on. If this mare's purpose was to produce your future riding horse, you don't count what it cost you to have her during that time when figuring what you have in her. She was working. She earned that keep.

Conclusion...I'd get her gone and move on. Make your money at something else you're good at and enjoy your horses without the pressure of having to break even.