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[RC] dogs and Quest wormer...READ this it could save a life - Paddi

My 100 pound lab cross Buddy spent a very expensive weekend in the emergency clinic
My husband wormed the horses with Quest and then decided to give Sid a cookie because he was mad. Sid spit out the cookie and my dog grabbed it and ate it. There was very little Quest on the cookie.
The dog Buddy seemed fine, ate his dinner but later that night he was in a panic. Rapid panting, turning and stubbling.
Dave rushed him to the emergency clinic. Buddy was blind and in pain. They loaded him with charcoal, IV fluids and seditated him.
Two days later his sight was back and he was released.
I have never been real careful with wormers because I never would have thought that such a small amount could hit a 100 pound dog so severely and quickly.
I want to let everyone know and hopefully save someone else the heartache and $$$$
We were told we were very lucky. Most dogs are in a coma and don't survive.
I will now make sure my dogs are safely locked away and all wormer tubes are disposed of safely.
$750 poorer but much wiser