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[RC] just what is the universe trying to tell me? - Marlene Moss

I think I am pretty stubborn and hardheaded ? I am very determined to do
my first 100 next weekend in spite of the universe trying to prevent it.
But wondering if I should be listening to something other than my

First my husband?s horse is not quite ready for this big of an
adventure.  Then I break the truck - and still don?t have it fixed, but
hubby claims we can tape it up!!!!  Then today, out on a nice ride on a
horse I recently started, I get dumped.  It?s the first time I?ve gone
off her ? and this is the 13th time I?ve been on her back ? ooooh!  She
could care less about the other horse with us, and apparently has the
same level of attachment to me and takes off for home.  

We were in an 8000 acre park, bisected by two fairly major roads, that
is next to our property.  We were on the other side of one road and of
course she headed for home.  Between the dumping site and home, there is
the road, one to several water crossings which she doesn?t handle well
yet, many deep, dangerous ravines, a few cliffs, thousands of trees,
both alive and dead and down, rocks, cactus, coyotes, bears and barb

So I walked home figuring I?d find her on the way, or she?d be there
already.  Nope.  So I made phone calls to sheriff, park services and
hubby and went out to put up signs ? at a minimum wanting to slow people
down in case she still hadn?t crossed the road.  Then back to the house,
still no sign.  Saddled up another horse and went out and did the same
path (this is a park with no trails, so no logical places for a horse to
go other than what terrain dictates), but tried to let the horse choose
her path to see if that helped.  Back to home, still no sign.

Fed the rest of the horses, left more notes for hubby who still hadn?t
made an appearance and went back out on foot.  I wanted to be able to
check out some of the more dangerous areas that I couldn?t do on
horseback.  I took water, jacket, flashlight and 2 of the glowsticks
that I bought for the upcoming 100 ? I had no intention of coming back
in til I found her.  On top of being sick imagining her stuck or dying
somewhere, she had the saddle I needed for the ride, so aside from not
planning on stopping looking, I couldn?t have done the ride anyhow.

I checked along the fence line figuring she should have run into it
(hoping not literally) and also cleared an opening so she could get back
into the property w/o further damage should she make that far.  Then
along the roads looking for signs of her crossing so that I could
isolate a search pattern.  And then finally, hubby drives up.  I thought
he?d been lollygagging in town, but he?d already been out hiking in the
areas that I?d gotten tossed.  He?d just been to the house finally and
found her there trying to get into her favorite run ? complete with
saddle, stirrups and easyboots.  She?d only lost her reins.

I burst into tears on the road, really not believing him.  I just
couldn?t believe she actually made it home, but not in the earlier
timeframes that I?d been back and forth.  She has one cut on her neck
and the vet is coming here from an emergency (trailer crash, scary) to
stitch it up.  A couple other completely minor scratches and that is it.
Legs are good, she apparently spent some time eating since she wasn?t
sweated up when he found her.  And this is the horse originally named
Crash and renamed Csage.  Can?t say she was too bright for leaving me,
but smart enough to make her way home relatively safely.

Really not sure I should be risking myself and a horse (different horse)
on a 100 next week, but still planning on it.  Funnily, I was hoping I?d
lose a couple pounds before the ride ? I just might have done it!

Marlene Moss
www.KineticEquineAnalysis.com?(saddle fit for?the horse in motion)
www.mossrockranch.com (sale horses and more)
719-351-5037 (cell)
719-748-9073 (home)

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