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Re: [RC] need nice horse - Cat ^. .^ ~

Title: Re: [RC] need nice horse
Have had bad accident and in process of getting over fear issues. Have come a long way but am looking for a horse that is real level headed and not real sensitive to a rider that may tense up now and then. I would still like to get back to endurance so it would be nice to have a horse who could do a couple rides a year. Anyone have a real trustworthy horse they need to find a home for?  Thanks  "chilled"

Just want to say that I had a very bad riding accident about two months ago.   Removed all of the skin from my lower back.   Had I known what a flak jacket was BEFORE I test rode this so-called "trained" horse at a "famous" facility in Colorado . . .  I would have gotten up and walked away.   The first few times I rode, about a month later, after that it was not too relaxing, shall we say.  ;-)

I think that all horses will shy on occasion, and what helped me was to remind myself to sink into the horse when he dropped with a spook, and worked on my riding skills (the ol' "keep weight in your heels") that I had heard for years and years.    That brought my confidence back up.

I am not saying don't get a "safer" horse.  I looked for almost 8 months before I found an Arab that had a calm mind and experience to not over-react to everything, LOL.

I know exactly how you feel.     Good luck with that.

Cheers,  Fay
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