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Re: [RC] RC: Alfalfa Pellets - Jon . Linderman


I must make a VERY important distinction.  You are apparently NOT aware that Purina the dog & cat food company is not Purina the horse, cattle, goat, etc company.  They are not subsidiaries, they have no shared assets & only agree to share use of the logo.  I am not going to claim that Purina, owned by Land O' Lakes, is perfect, but comments about Purina, owned by Nestle, that make dog and cat food products is irrelvant to discussion of Purina, LLC.


Shauna Jannett <shauna@xxxxxxxxx>
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10/18/2005 02:46 PM

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> Well, apparently, not picky enough!

Amen!  My experience with Purina has been limited to dog and cat foods
working in a LARGE retail chain. We have had bags returned with dead
animals in them, human fingernails, chunks of human hair (we THINK) bags
of OBVIOUSLY mixed feed (dog and cat in one bag) Rancid food, moldy
food. Dogs just randomly start vomiting on it.. the lists go on and on
and on and some of them were a LOT worse then what I am listing.  The
company I worked for used to have Purina making their store brand.. not
any more.
The other thing about Purina is the Loose labeling applies to their dog
foods as well. Yes they live up to AFCA standards.. barely. but frankly
afco standards are enough for your dog to live on not necessarily
thrive. and I have never known dogs to thrive on any but Purina's top
dog foods (Pro plan) But they don't like people to know that so that
they can corner all the markets.. from the cheapest grocery store brand
to the higher end premium lines.  LOL Ok I am on a dog food rant on a
horse list.. but I have spent so long studying K-9 nutrition for my own
dogs benefits as well as that of my clients that it's near and dear to
my heart.. and Purina as a company makes me really really angry!

Sorry for the off topic rant..


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Re: [RC] RC: Alfalfa Pellets, Shauna Jannett