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Re: [RC] Question regarding impactions, cause there of - jen

Ranelle, great idea.  I've been soaking hay for my new horse, who will drink out of streams, puddles, or just about anything except the water trough at home.  I will try this for sure.  Jen
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Sent: Friday, October 14, 2005 9:19 AM
Subject: RE: [RC] Question regarding impactions, cause there of

What I do with my mare who has the same habit is to fill a large muck bucket ½ way full of water and put her hay into the water. She loves it! I do it on a smaller scale after training rides so she is used to it. I just put her hay into a small bucket hanging on the trailer. I started this at home on hot days in mid afternoon. I know she is getting a lot more water by the amount of water left in the bucket (not much)!


Good luck!






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Subject: [RC] Question regarding impactions, cause there of


After a work out one of my mares will not drink water, especially at an event.  (I even bring water from home and she turns her nose up at it)  She will, however eat hay.  Although she doesn't seem to be in distress and I have never had her colic or tie up, I always am worried that without having a lot of water in her system that she will someday end up getting an impaction.  During the summer months I did add some powdered electrolye to her pellets (I feed wheat hay in the night and alfalfa in the am and Purina's Natures Choice: Mare Maintenance pellets).  That seemed to help encourage her to drink water.  Now that the weather has cooled I quit the electrolytes, but she has fallen back into the routine of not drinking after a work out.  She does eat her salt block (which I know doesn't give all the stuff they need that is why I feed the MM),  should I continue giving the electolyes thru the cooler months to encourage her to drink more?


I don't endurance ride, but I do cattle working events  and a lot of arena and trail work.   We normally spend 3 hours in our work outs about 4 times a week, which I know doesn't seem, very long to a lot of you folks, but for what I do it is considered hard.


She just started this not drinking thing about a year ago.  She is 9 year old paint mare (more TB looking than QH looking) about 1100 pounds and in excellant health.