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[RC] Stallions in Endurance - Ridecamp Guest

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<<You can stick Galis nose in a water
tank right beside a mare and you would never know this was a
stud. I ride side by side with mares in heat, no problem what so
ever. He goes next to a stud, next to geldings or by himself!>>

I will agree with Char that Gali is one of the best-behaved 
HORSES (stallion, mare, or gelding) that you will ever see!! I 
had the privilege of riding MY stallion right next to hers at the
Rides of March 50 this year, and you will not see a more well
behaved stud.  You would not even know he was a stallion unless
someone told you.  We rode several miles to the finish with nary
a snort, kick, or cross-eyed look from either horse; they just 
did their jobs.  Regardless of behavior, though, you still need
to be 'one step ahead' of any problems; keep an eye on your horse
and just practice a 'better safe than sorry' attitude if passing
or riding along with any other horses.  I have had Shaba behaving
flawlessly, and have seen the other horse act up instead; for
example, have had geldings kick out at us because they don't want
a stallion getting too close to 'their' mare buddy, and have even had mares 
stop dead in their tracks and pee right in Shaba's
face.  He usually stops and kind of gives me a confused 'now what
am I supposed to do?' look, but does not go any further and will
wait for the mare to get going again.  I have let him know I will
simply NOT tolerate any acting up when he is under saddle.  This 
is very important to establish, IMO.  I try to train him with 
mixed groups, and he behaves quite well.  But I still keep an eye
open, 'cause while he is a good boy, any time you take the 'my 
dog doesn't bite, and my stud doesn't misbehave' attitude, that 
will be the one time they do.  

Lauretta and Shaba (I will have my treats taken away if I do not
behave, upsetting my mom is NOT a good idea......I try very hard 
to be good :)


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