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Re: [RC] Arizona here I come. - Laney Humphrey

Water, water, water and more water. And chapstick and sunblock and water. The altitude will be very different for you so that means even more, guess what? water! And it may be dusty, so more...water! Laura Hayes reply is correct about how to carry your water. I can't deal with the mouthpiece of a camelback so I'm stuck with water bottles. This late in the year I would probably plan on drinking 3-4 before lunch and that many in the afternoon (er, after lunch). I usually have 1 with e'lytes (Hydralite is my fav) and 2-3 with just plain water. The headache that can come with altitude is largely due to dehydration. Start drinking as soon as you get to Prescott and don't stop til you get east of the 100th meridian (more or less OKC on I-40).

Depending on the temp, a sweatshirt or warm vest over a long sleeved shirt should do in the am. I imagine you'll need a crewbag for lunch or have some sort of crew you can give it to at lunch if you don't need it any more. I doubt rain will be a problem but I always have my gear nearby. Snow? maybe. I like riding in a ls shirt because it protects me from the sun and means I don't have to put on so much sunblock. If I'm hot & there's enough water around, it can be dunked for cooling. I try to remember a bandana. If it's really dusty, I pull it up over my mouth and nose. That also helps when I'm dehydrated and having trouble breathing because I'm breathing in slightly moister air.

Have a great time in the beautiful SW!

rides2far@xxxxxxxx wrote:
Hey guys,

Looks like I'm really getting to come to the Man Against Horse ride so this is my *one* chance to meet some of you Southwesterners. :-)) I needed to go west anyway to help my daughter drive home from her summer job and Bruce Weary and his wife have invited me to do the ride with them. Can't turn that offer down!!!! Please introduce yourselves. I don't remember names AT ALL, but if you mention a conversation we've had, I'll remember. If I've made you mad before pretend we haven't talked. I won't remember the name so that's not a problem. I'm open to any advice on how to get a Southerner through a desert ride. For instance, what do you start the race wearing in the AM? I hate to do it, but I guess I'm leaving my sponge at home. Don't know what I'm going to do with my right hand all day. >g<



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[RC] Arizona here I come., rides2far@xxxxxxxx