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Re: [RC] The desert vs the humidity of the SE - Truman Prevatt

RDCARRIE@xxxxxxx wrote:

And the nice thing about the desert/low humidity is that evaorative cooling WORKS! That means that your sweat evaporates! It also means that if you're hot, you can dump water on yourself, and it will actually evaporate and cool you nicely, rather than just make you chafe in unmentionable places while you stay soggy. <G>

Dawn in East Texas (where we chafe)

Evaporative cooling also works in your lungs. One of the prime sources of cross country skiers getting into trouble in CO is dehydration - not through sweat but through the lungs. Very dry air goes in - hits air in the lungs at 100% humidity. The air that leaves is about 90% humidity. You can lose a quart an hour breathing during exercise in the winter in CO. While it's not quite as high in the summer, you never have to sweat in a semi-arid climate to become dehydrated. Breathing alone will do it.

And yes, when you ride in low humidity, you don't have sweat running into your eyes so you can actually see where you are going. You can dip your head in the water and it not only feels good when you do it, but it feels good till it dries. And as you say in low humidity you don't have to change out of a wet T-shirt every loop.



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Re: [RC] The desert vs the humidity of the SE, RDCARRIE