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Re: [RC] Re:USA Gold Trail Blazer Reflections of Marloffstein by Tom Sites part 1 - jen

        I like these reflections!  I've been hoping you would tell us about the more personal side of the whole adventure.  I can't wait to read more.
Jen M.
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From: Tom Sites
Sent: Wednesday, September 28, 2005 2:39 PM
Subject: [RC] Re:USA Gold Trail Blazer Reflections of Marloffstein by Tom Sites part 1

Reflections of Marloffstein
The reflection in thought of a past event can never fully encompass the full spectacle of the actual extravanganza. 
Reliving a moment of time like the recent European Championship in Marloffstein, West Germany, is something hard to explain unless you can imagine the biggest grin and good time of your life, and you wake up the next day and the grin's still there.
Dancing on the tables at the Bavarian Beer Fest in Marloffstein will rate as one of the all time adventures of my life.  It was like a cemented face of laughter was implanted into my persona.  This was a good time.  I mean, they played trombones with their toes!
For the first time International or National FEI competitor who hasn't gone thru the travail of getting a FEI passport, becoming an International Amateur,  getting the proper innoculations, blood tests, Coggins test within 30 days, making sure you were a member of the proper organizations ( AERC and AHSA) all at a frantic express mail pace, the rest was a piece of cake.  My friends- the cake, as well as the air was very, very good.
Hearing your National Anthem played for- of all reasons!- the fact you were a consistant mediocre finisher who adhered to the credo "to finish is to win", was and is a most humbling experience i will never forget. 
Jet lag lugged us into their rainy camp on a lazy Sunday afternoon before the next Saturday's
 ride.  Immediately, we were met with courtesy and helpful assistance from Florian Smithaus, and his Father, Hans.  Experienced of the Trail, they led us to the barn and fields to show us the facilities available for the horses, who were to arrive the next day.  We were the vanguard- Larry, Michael and myself.

[RC] Re:USA Gold Trail Blazer Reflections of Marloffstein by Tom Sites part 1, Tom Sites