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[RC] FWIW: Bosana Boots - Bruce Weary DC

I have been testing Bosana boots on my horse recently, and while I have yet to do a 50 in them, I have done workouts of 15-20 miles in them and thought I would comment on them. I really like them, so far. They are a bit heavier than easyboots, but with practice, they are no more difficult to put on or remove than easyboots. They DO NOT come off. They are designed to be worn on a shod foot only, so they aren't an option for barefoot horses. They don't twist, as they use the nailed on shoe as their anchor. They don't come unbuckled or get loose with use. They don't seem to interfere with the coronet band or rub the horse's bulbs. My horse remains very sure footed in them, and does not trip. They don't overgrip the ground and seem to allow the foot to naturally slide as it hits the ground. They allow much less water or sand/dirt to get inside as compared to an easyboot. I don't have to wrap the foot with anything or do any preparatory work. Just pop them on and go. I use them instead of padding, as pads can soften and flatten the sole if left on too long. They only come off at the end of a ride or when the horse dies of old age. Whichever comes first.
Garrett has told me that the easyboot isn't really designed to be worn on a shod foot, although I have used them that way. The Bosana, as it is designed only for a shod foot, doesn't wear out at the rear corners from the internal pressure of the shoe. They have a 180 day guarantee wherein they will replace the boot if you wear it out in that time. I am doing my damndest to test that guarantee. No luck so far. I will take them on their first 50 this weekend on our very rocky Man Against Horse ride here in Prescott. I will update my opinion after that ride for those who are interested. I know Steph is experimenting with them as well. All for now. Bruce Weary


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