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Re: [RC] Size of Shelter Needed - heidi larson

A friend of a friend has these that she uses for shelter in the pasture.  The metal carports that you see advertised on the sides of the road, generally run about $1200 for a large 2 car model, set corners in concrete and wall in sides with plywood.  (She painted green to match the metal roof.)  You could put a gate in the middle and keep the hay at one end, just watch for drainage coming into the structure or throw down gravel to elevate and then put rubber mats on top.  Or get a second one for hay storage, and put metal gates at each end, that keeps the horses out but you can drive right up to the front/or rear as needed.  As far as how much area you need for two tons, I've generally got 2 tons stacked in about a 10' x 12' section of my barn and it goes about 4 layers up.  Not sure what size bales, generally the heavier two stringers. Maybe 90 lbs?

Aaron Turnage <ajandcrysta@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

We have recently moved and I am finally going to be
able to keep my horse at home! While we still have to
prepare the area, I am looking into purchasing a
shelter for my horse and his feed, seperately of
course. I do know this: I want a metal shelter, not
wood, it needs to withstand high winds, looking for
something simple (inexpensive), like a three-sided
loafing shed he can come and go. I do not need nor
have room for a full barn. I was thinking of getting
another similar shed for the hay. Tack, etc will
remain in my trailer, its just easier that way and
what Ive been used to from boarding. But what I need
to know is about how much room do I need to plan on
for hay storage? Im looking to order about 2-ton soon,
the grass hay is about 23 bales to a ton per the
grower. These are the larger west-coast rectangular
bales. About how much sq. footage will I need??

~ Crysta
AJandCrysta at sbcglobal.net


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[RC] Size of Shelter Needed, Aaron Turnage