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RE: [RC] Medals at European Championships 1985-2005 - Jerry & Susan Milam

Absolutely awesome Tom! Congratulations and thanks for putting everyone straight.

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Subject: [RC] Medals at European Championships 1985-2005

This is in referance to the above, listed on RC's front page.  I really don't want to disallusion anyones ideas of grandeur, but there is an ERROR.
At the 1987 OPEN European Championships the Team Gold Medal was won by the USA (after much discussion) and not Belguim who won the Team Silver.  I have in my possession the Team Gold Medal and we theTeam, Title of "Champions of Europe". The Belguims were the "European Champions"being the first European Team.  We as a Team also have the German Silver Platter from those Championships, signed by Franz Joesph.  At the time, it was controversy because it was an 'Open' Championship and the USA showed up and won the Team Gold Medal.  That rule was changed the next year so the Championships were no longer 'Open'.
Now this may not be important to most, but to post results that are wrong instills History to accept falseitudes and not facts.  So it is my intent to correct this inaccuracy today, before tomorrow comes. 
I, along with Jeannie Waldron, Mike Marino and Victoria Varley all have a Team Gold Medal from the 1987 European Championships, so how can this information say Belguim won the Team Gold?  You will also notice in these 'facts' that in 1987 the Team Gold was awarded and not Team Silver and Bronze.  ERROR ERROR
The complete story was printed in Trail Blazer in October, 1987, for anyone interested. 
tom sites

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[RC] Medals at European Championships 1985-2005, Tom Sites