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[RC] Injuries--Diagnosis/Treatment Options - Val Nicoson

Looking at what most of you do with your own horses
when "things"/injuries/etc happen to them...regardless
of the cause---be a kick injury (not open wound),
sprain or whatever.  Just looking for opinions...

Do you strictly use pasture rest...or do you have an
ultrasound or whatever done to see the extent of the
Does it matter since ultrasound doesn't necessarily

At what point do you put them on stall rest...versus
leaving them in a small pasture?  (eg. a couple horses
and not an entire herd)
My understanding is that being able to walk about
freely rather than standing around a stall is better
for the proper healing of ligaments/muscles/etc that
are injured.  I do realize that running with a bigger
herd would be detrimental to the healing process.  But
free walking with perhaps some unprovoked trotting
might be OK.
Granted, serious injuries may need complete stall rest
and I'm not against that.  

I've been dealing with a number of sprains and/or
pasture injuries on my horse over the course of 5
years.  Each time she is put on pasture rest, most
rarely involve intense treatment...just time to heal. 
While thinking about this while she's recovering from
a sprain from being too competitive on a training ride
I thought I'd pick some more knowledgeable/experienced
brains and see see what most of you do with your own
horses and see if maybe perhaps I'm overlooking and/or
not doing things that perhaps I should.  

Thanks once again,

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