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RE: [RC] bosana boots and Epics - Linda Cowles

i had a little rubbing as well. Do you pull up in the rubber 
strap in the back?
I dont. I have considered getting a shorter backstrap, that 
way the hoof should be moved more in front of the boot, and 
away from the gaiter.


I don't think the heel strap has anything to do with my problem; this
appears to be strictly rubbing.

I'm a distributor for EasyCare and "shoe" barefoot horses with boots, so
every time they come out with a new gimmick or modification, I try the new
boots out. What's happened with the Epics is that the original gaiters
worked fine but they wanted to make them more durable... But making them
more durable resulted in the edging causing rubs on my tender Arabs legs.

They're getting better, but Gabby still gets rubs. I've duct tape around the
edge and it works but isn't reliable. So what I have now is regular silicone
goop that I'm smearing a thick bead of on the gaiter. I'm going out this
afternoon to test them on a short ride and will report back on the results.

Most of my clients are okay with these boots the way they come, so it may be
my horse or the distance I ride. I also tear off the cleat covers, collapse
the cleats and use an epoxy calk to cover the edges so that they don't rub.
I'll be posting a web page with pictures it works.

BTW, EasyCare is very interested in feedback on stuff like this. 

Later! Linda

Linda Cowles
Certified Hoof Care Provider


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Re: [RC] bosana boots and Epics, Jon Bendtsen