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Re: [RC] one giant step closer - Linda Nichols

Title: Re: [RC]   one giant step closer
Another thing that comes in handy to help you relax is to chew gum. It forces you to relax your jaw and that will also relax your shoulders. I had a horse for a while that was really spooky and I used to keep a really tight rein on him. I constantly had sore shoulders and would consciously move my jaw just to try to relax. I loved that horse but he taught me to fear. I sold him and the horse I kept instead is now my beloved Barney who needs reassurance but learns and remembers his lessons. Now I sometimes forget that other people’s horses aren’t as steady as he is. Just this past Saturday I was at the vet check and I shook my jacket out without thinking. Barney wasn’t upset, but the person next to me was because her horse was upset by it. The same thing goes for peeling fruit roll ups off the plastic. I do that while sitting in the saddle and I don’t even think about it but a friend pointed out to me that not all horses can handle that. And I remember that I couldn’t do that with the horse I sold in order to keep Barney. And Barney is a fruitcake sometimes but at least he’s trainable. And I can sure see the progress I’ve made with him.


On 9/12/05 7:36 PM, "Carol Suggs" <limofunder@xxxxxxx> wrote:

Jen:  Just take baby steps.   You didn't say what has caused your fear, but
whatever has caused it you might find that it will take you awhile to
overcome it.   Make sure that you are well hydrated and that you don't ride
on a totally empty stomach as if you have some anxiety issues those symptoms
might be increased.  I aways drink water before I go out and always have a
power bar or granola bar handy.  Do lots of deep breathing and make sure you
are as relaxed as possible...and remember, its ok to get off and walk.  Keep
us posted!

Happy trails.

Carol-Mariposa, CA

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Subject: [RC] one giant step closer

> Hi, my name is Jen and I am new to R/C--I have been reading but this is my
> first post and it is to everyone.  I need to share that I have finally
> ridden  ALONE on a trail ride this weekend.  I literally rode for about 20
> minutes, but I was alone and out of the arena!!!!!!  I don't know where my
> fear has come from, but I long to do endurance after being a vet scribe
> two years ago.  My fear has held me back, but no longer.  This week I will
> trail ride with a friend and then ride alone again next weekend.  I would
> appreciate everybody's input.  Especially ways to deal with fear and
> overcoming it.
>    I will be looking for a mentor next...I live in far, far northern
> california on the coast.
> thanks in advance,
> Jen Murrell
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Re: [RC] one giant step closer, Carol Suggs