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Re: [RC] Infiltrating the bureaucracy - rdcarrie

 LOL...she's right.  <G>  We're already out there...and as Sheila said, doing our best to do our jobs *and* enlighten those we work with regarding horses and their needs and actual vs. perceived impacts.
Dawn in East Texas (Forest Service wildlife biologist...sharing the office with a team roper and 2 pleasure riders)
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You have NO idea how many horse folks are in government.LOL
 There are lots, for several years in this office alone, we had 
three endurance riders, two dressage riders, one team penner 
and several pleasure horse owners.  Although they are no
longer in the office, they are still in government, several in
the position of making resource decisions.  However, sometimes
it places us in difficult positions, trying to balance our
love for horses/trail riding and protecting the resource we
may be responsible for (oh and balancing the politics that
go along with those decisions).  It is true though that we are in a unique 
position of bringing equine knowledge to the discussion table.  I try very hard 
to educate horse people 
about impacts horses may have to the environment and non-horse people that 
horses are not necessarily the environmental disaster they perceive them to be.  
I will let other people judge whether or not I have been successful.


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[RC] Infiltrating the bureaucracy, Ridecamp Guest