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RE: [RC] [RC-Digest] Training advice - Mountain, Terri

I've given her some things to work on to help the ground manners and in
the long run that should help the rest, but he just will NOT back out of
her 2 horse trailer.  

Hi Marlene,

I had this problem with a horse once and we did fix the problem.  If he
backs well on the ground that is good.  Now when you go to load him,
only let him get one front foot in the trailer and then have him halt,
wait (if possible) and then have him back up.  Repeat.  Next have him
put both front feet in the trailer, halt, wait, and then have him back
up. Repeat.  Next have him put both front feet in the trailer a little
further in but no back feet in the trailer, have him halt, wait, and
then back up. Repeat.  

The point is, don't let him get in all the way, yet.  It also helps if
you can get him to take a step while out of the trailer one step at a
time.  He has to wait for the next command before continuing.  You can
practice the step, wait and back on the ground if you need to before
ever moving to the trailer.

If you have a ramp load, some horses don't like backing down hill, if
you have a step up, a lot of horses don't like that feeling of stepping
off into space with their back feet.  They can't see what is behind
them.  But if they are familiar with backing up before the get all the
way in then that helps later when you do let them all the way in.

Hope you get it figured out.

Terri in GA 
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